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HAS Expo 2020

Presenter HAS Year Event 2019

The HAS Expo is the knowledge exhibition of HAS University with which we show everyone what we do as a University of applied sciences and a knowledge and expertise center on 18 Juni 2020.

During the knowledge Expo we show how we do this, based on our unique HAS concept: students, teachers and professionals from the field who work together on solutions for a better future for our people and the world.

Due to the corona measures, we cannot receive you at our locations in Den Bosch and Venlo, which is why we are putting the HAS Expo into a digital jacket this year.


The HAS Expo follows our HAS Year Event. We have organized this event with great pleasure for 8 years, but it is time for something new. The HAS Expo is about who we are as HAS University and what we believe in: working for a better future for our people and the world.

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