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Enhanced travel advice and instructions HAS University of Applied Sciences due to corona virus

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Dated March 14th, 2020 22:00 hr.

A number of boarders are closing and the Corona situation in several countries is deteriorating. This makes the situation unclear and we can no longer manage it per country and per student.

For this reason, as of March 14, 2020, the Executive Board of HAS University of Applied Sciences has amended the travel instructions for students who want to travel abroad. Even if you are staying abroad, as of March 14, 2020, we have adjusted the instructions for staying abroad.

Specifically, it concerns the following:

  1. No HAS students go abroad.
    The educational activities that they miss because of this will be replaced by one or more replacement assignments so that the student suffers no or minimal study delay. This travel ban, therefore, applies regardless of the code of the country concerned.
  2. Students abroad are asked to keep a close eye on the situation and to contact their internship supervisor twice a week anyway.
    Students must return when they switch to code yellow due to corona or switch to orange and red. To this end, they contact their internship supervisor to discuss this.
  3. If a student staying abroad wants to come back because he does not feel safe or is concerned about the situation of, for example, family in the Netherlands, he may return and a replacement assignment will be formulated, so that the student will experience no or minimal study delay.
     These measures also apply to students who are located in an area abroad where there is no question of Corona.

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