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Professionals in International Business Course  with globe

Webinar 1 - 27 October 2020

Presentation with Martis van Splunter

Martis van Splunter was born and raised in the Flevo polder, has a master degree in Russian language and works successfully as an international advisor. In his present job, he is the advisor of the minister of agriculture in Azerbaijan. His company is called Surprised by Nature. He prepared and realized an agricultural experimental station in Azerbaijan and helped to prepare for a school at Associate Degree level in cooperation with Peter van Gastel of HAS University. Remie Sturme of Vitalve was one of the students who did their business assignment with him in Azerbaijan. Martis managed mayor projects in Russia and speaks, Russian, English and Dutch.

Presentation with Niels Jacobs

Niels is the founder and owner of Light4Food a fast developing company in consultancy and the supply of horticultural products. A nice and successful young entrepreneur, educated at HAS, who achieves most of his turnover from international advice and export of vertical growing systems for all kinds of crops.

Niels Presentor -  Course International Business HAS University

Program Manager

Esther Vennekens

Program Manager Business Management in Agriculture and Food


T: +31 (0)88-8903879

Photo Esther Vennekens


Annette Krug

Coordinator course International Business


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