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Train the Trainer and Teach the Teacher Programmes of HAS University

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HAS University of Applied Sciences is a reputable provider of in-company and in-university training programmes.

HAS University offers management and technical courses in the domains of:

  • food,
  • nature and
  • agriculture

to develop knowledge and skills.

For who?

The programme is tailor-made ‘Train the trainer’ or ‘Teach the teacher’ for teachers, advisors or management at more academic or vocational level.

High-impact learning experience

Moreover, HAS University is able to help you to create the connection between education, business and government. Our education is up-to-date, project-focussed and based on real-life challenges. This approach offers a win-win situation for all three parties since participants do not only learn to run a project but doing so resolve a problem or challenge for the company. For them it is a high-impact learning experience.

Educational methods

We facilitate these learning experiences by applying different educational methods, including Problem-Based Learning (PBL), project-focussed education, excursions, internships, learning by asking questions, ‘flipping the classroom’, etc.

Tailor-made programme

In consultation with you, we’ll design a programme of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 days locally and/or at the university.

What others say about the programme

Business developer

ir. A.M.L. (Anouk) van Rossum

Business developer bedrijfsopleidingen


Photo Anouk van Rossum

Program Manager

Esther Vennekens

Program Manager Business Management in Agriculture and Food


T: +31 (0)88-8903879

Photo Esther Vennekens

“Thank you for amazing possibility to learn your approaches to studying process in a Dutch university”

Logo Sumi National Agrarian University Ukrain
Nataliia Bozhko

Teacher at Sumy National Agrarian University - Ukraine

“When I returned to my university we had expanded meeting where I made a report about our course and there were a lot of different questions, so my colleagues and directors have things to think about. I consult colleagues how to practice PBL and blended learning in particular.”

Logo Nuft
Anastasiia Shevchenko

Teacher at National University of food technologies in Kyiv - Ukraine

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