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Project Urban Landscapes Romania: Meet & Greet Session

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Urban Landscapes in 2030: challenges and opportunities for education and professional development.

On 21 April 2021 HAS Univerisity of Applied Sciences organizes a Meet & Greet with Romanian universities and partners to facilitate the bilateral dialogue. We will focus on challenges and opportunities for the educational sector. Starting from the bigger picture of how our cities will look in 2023 towards the readiness of the professional sector to understand and cope with new challenges.

During the event, we will introduce some best practice examples in Romania and the Netherlands and will start tackling opportunities for bilateral cooperation for knowledge sharing.

Ecosystem-friendly and smart environment

Where do we need to focus?  What is the purpose of public space in a sustainable society? Due to:

  • climate change,
  • population growth,
  • public health and
  • changing food systems

the purpose of a good management in urban space is more and more crucial to transforming into an ecosystem-friendly and smart environment what will be necessary for the well-being of the inhabitants.

Practical Level

This overview of public spaces and environmental topics will help us focus on a more practical level: what do we need to organize public green spaces? How to manage green public spaces? How should we adapt education and training of the young generation to support active role in shaping the cities of tomorrow?

Court Of Appeal Building On Tne Dambovita River


A dialogue for identification of common challenges in Romania and the Netherlands for adaptation of the educational offer for training the new generation of professionals and designing strategic lines for bilateral cooperation between HAS University, UAUIM and USAMV Bucharest.


Representatives of schools management, professors, representatives of students, other partners, influencers and public space designers in Romania, as considered relevant.

Goals for this 1 day meet & greet activity:

  1. To find out the specific needs of all parties (knowledge, inspiration, skills)
  2. To find out what formats are more appealing  (example online seminars involving students and lecturers and i.e. people from government, short training programs, joint master programs, etc.)
  3. Identify and planning of joint activities
  4. Exchange of knowledge and enhancing opportunities of collaboration


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Program Manager

Esther Vennekens

Program Manager Business Management in Agriculture and Food


T: +31 (0)88-8903879

Photo Esther Vennekens

HAS University of Applied Sciences Vision on education

In this video we describe our vision on education.

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