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Food Waste Challenge 2021 - Brabant Edition

This fall, the 1st Brabant Food Waste Challenge will start! On September 14, 2021 immediately after the Week of Food Waste we kick off the first Brabant edition. You can still sign up at that time.

From September to December, HAS University of Applied Sciences organizes public master classes for participating companies and students, on 5 Tuesday evenings. These are open for external visitors. The master classes will take place from 19.00 - 21.30 at HAS University of Applied Sciences, where there will be a first hour of 'Thinking-spiration', and then we will spend an hour working on cases with 'Doing-spiration'.

The first evening starts Tuesday, September 14, and inspires with the state of the art knowledge on Food Waste, provided by the Foundation Together Against Food Waste (Stichting Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling). After a break, the Challenges will be pitched by participating companies, and there will be matchmaking process between the challenges and participating students.


In the following masterclasses we delve into 3 different research methods that can be used in the context of analysis of and designing solutions for food waste issues:

  • The first master class (Tuesday 21 September) will be about analysis and designing interventions using Systems Thinking, explained by Frederike Praasterink, lector of Future Food Systems.
  • The second master class (Tuesday 28 September) will be about framing a problem and coming up with creative solutions using Design Thinking, explained by Lector Design Thinking of Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Guido Stompff and Lector Design Methods in Food of HAS University of Applied Sciences, Antien Zuidberg.
  • The third masterclass (Tuesday, October 5) will be about Circular Design Strategies (speaker not yet known)
  • The fourth and final master class is about Storytelling, and convincing your story: An expert in this field will explain how best to do that, after which you will work on your pitch. The second half of the evening you will give a Try Out Pitch and receive feedback from HAS University, Rabobank and the Foundation Together Against Food Waste.

On February 1, all participants will pitch their project to an expert jury during the HAS Food Experience 2022 to compete for the 12.3 award, presented at 12.3 at the Circular Food Center at Noodkade in Veghel.

Lector Design methoden in Food

Antien Zuidberg

Lector Design methoden in Food