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Expertise & research centre in Protein Transition in Food

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The primary goal of the ERC Protein Transition in Food is to contribute to the protein transition in the Netherlands. The focus is on plant-based proteins, but the ERC is also looking into how this knowledge can be applied on a broader, global level.

Increasing protein demand

With a growing world population and increasing prosperity, the demand for protein and protein-rich products will increase in the coming years. In order to feed this growing, urbanising and prosperous population, food production needs to increase by 70% by 2050. Fred van de Velde is clear that this increasing demand cannot be met with solely traditional sources of protein. Currently, 63% of the proteins in the human diet in the Netherlands comes from animal products (meat, fish, dairy, etc.) and 37% is plant based. A more desirable proportion would be 50:50.

Transition to alternative sources

The protein transition is the transition from traditional sources, such as dairy, meat and soy, to alternative sources from agricultural crops, aquaculture or insects.

ERC focus

The ERC focusses on sources of protein from agricultural crops such as legumes. On the one hand, using plant-based and new protein sources for the food industry and, on the other hand, looking at how consumers can reduce their intake of animal-based proteins and which products we can develop to stimulate this transition.

Inaugural lecture of the lectureship Protein Transition in Food

Download the Inaugural lecture of Dr. Ir. Fred van de Velde:
From seed to society: The green protein landscape. 

HAS Talk - Fred van de Velde (in Dutch)


Dr. Ir. F. (Fred) van de Velde

Lector Eiwittransitie in voeding


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