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Research group in Sustainable Production

photo sustainable agriculture
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The EResearch group in Sustainable Production primarily focuses on connecting education, the professional field and practical research in the area of Sustainable Production of food, both nationally and internationally. The Research group focuses on three themes within this area: combatting food waste, making food processes more sustainable and creating closed loop systems.

Food waste

Companies are looking for further ways to optimise processes (reducing the use of inputs, energy and water), improving quality (extending shelf life), combatting food waste and reducing costs. Due to globalisation, it is also essential for companies in the agrifood sector to work together in the supply chain and to create closed loops, both at company level and within the chains, thus securing continuing production for the future. The Research group wants to make an active contribution to this, taking into account global trends such as the biobased and circular economy, the emergence of new raw materials for the agrifood sector and healthy food.


The Research group focuses on 3 specific themes:

  • Combatting food waste
    The Research group focuses on short food chains for vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy.
  • Making food processes more sustainable
    Reducing the pressure of existing food production processes on the environment by integral process improvements and optimisation with a focus on product quality, sustainability and reducing the use of water, energy and other inputs.
  • Creating closed loops
    By reducing the use of inputs in the agrifood sector as well as implementing efficiency improvements with the goal of secure global food provision in the long-term.

The core of the Research group is formed by lecturers and teaching researchers from the study programmes Environmental Studies, Food Technology and International Food & Agribusiness.

photo The core of the ERC

From left to right: Dominique Aarts, Rob Bakker, Rémon Saaltink, Rob van Diepenbeek, Marc Zitzen, Elies Lemkes-Straver


Drs. E. (Elies) Lemkes - Straver

Lector Duurzaam Produceren in de agrifoodsector


T: +3188 890 3629

Portrait Lector Elies Lemkes
  • Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

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